August 12, 2013

Santa Cruz Beach (California)

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Mid-August is here. With it comes that feeling something's ending - yup, the end of summer. Getting the most out of what's left of this season, my family and I headed to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk last weekend to soak all the sun and frolic by the beach. The day trip includes a stroll down the boardwalk, sprawl by the beach, take fun iphone photos, get amused by a flock of seabirds feeding on bread crumbs, get full on a serving of huge roast turkey legs and garlic fries at the food court and of course, a visit to the nearby surf shop hoping to find an affordable long board. It was amazing to watch the surfers in their wetsuits wait patiently in cold water for pitiful small waves to ride and yet, the feeling of satisfaction's there. A day at Santa Cruz Beach is a great, cheap escape on a mild lazy afternoon. What's best of all is watching how the majestic setting sun turn the skies toasty gold, bathing us in sunshowers. 

Panoramic view of Santa Cruz Beach
View along West Cliff Drive

Mark Abbott Memorial Lighthouse

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