September 15, 2011

Na Pali Coast (Kauai)

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I can tell readers of a myriad of wonders about Na Pali Coast. But words pale in comparison, and I won't even try to express an island in writing. But some of it you've probably seen in the 4th Johnny Depp movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". Na Pali Coast means "the cliffs". Where in the world is it? It's on the island of Kauai, not reachable by land so all it takes to be in one of world's best islands is by air or by sea.

For me, I took the Holo-Holo aboard Leila (a sailing catamaran) on my last weekend living there. In 5 hours, I experienced intense sun, blinding fog, brief pouring rain, unnerving wind, endless violent boat-rocking and deep deep sea. But like everybody who has traveled to Na Pali, I was in awe.

Spinner dolphins are inhabitants of the deep waters of Na Pali. They love people and by instinct they know the appreciation and applaud they receive each time they spend 5 minutes of spinning and flying mid-air.

Two men and a giant (cliff). Our catamaran passed these two campers fishing. In minutes, a fish took the bait and he was happy-screaming waving the fish at our party.
Every turn is a breathtaking sight of cliffs in different shapes and sizes.
We stopped here to snorkel. Complete with gears, everybody experienced the buoyancy, the colorful fishes swimming around and the cool deep sea. Except me. I was not comfortable using a water noodle in all honesty.

Na Pali Coast weather is as unpredictable as a woman's mind they say. One minute it's sunny and the next (literally) it's foggy, rainy and windy. I managed to get myself together and not think of seasickness but the minute I smelled food on board, I was defeated.
Na Pali sheds all its colors the second rain clouds pass over.
Before you know it, rain's over and the promise of a sunny day is possible again
Double Door Sea Cave. This was where Johnny Depp stood looking for the fountain in a scene from the movie Pirates of the Caribbean 4.
Cathedrals of Na Pali. The main attraction of Na Pali Coast. Even the best photographs do not substitute for seeing it in person. Everybody should be able to see this even once in a lifetime.

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