September 19, 2011

Anini (Kauai)

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Life on Kauai is a story to be told. All of it. No matter how short, how long. There was never a day with the same sunrise nor same sunset. And that to me is just unique. These color palettes are always worth documenting, worth the pictures, worth motivating myself to get up everyday at 5am.

One day I came across this blog by an old man of 70, a visitor on Kauai. He wrote the most heart-warming photo-blog about camping to see the sunrise in Anini Beach with his loving wife. He said this place in the most romantic in all of Kauai. And I couldn't agree more. But I didn't know about it until we decided to get up at 3am, made the trip from West to North Kauai which took us 40 minutes. We planned our "sunrise in Anini" trip for more than a year. The day came, and what do you know, typhoon came with it.

All photos below were taken on a very rainy day. Still, no good amount of rainfall is enough to conceal a real beauty.

Anini Beach at 5am. We sat and watched how the sun struggled to peek in through storm clouds and this is the result. See the lighthouse? That is Kilauea Lighthouse shining its light until today.

It mirrored a sunset beauty the minute rain clouds took over
Anini Beach is located on the North side of the island, popular for surfing and snorkeling. It has clear water, sightings of turtles' heads bobbing in and out of the water, great sunrise with a huge family park.  

 Campers at the park in tents or green bug-van. Take a pick.

Sea view along North side leaving Anini

Don't you just love this color? 

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