September 11, 2011

Lick Observatory

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Photos shot using Sony DSLR A390

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Located at 4,200 feet atop Mt.Hamilton, Lick Observatory was the world's first permanently occupied mountain-top observatory constructed in 1877, back when giant telescopes were transported via horse carriages that took them ages. Now we enjoy the fruit of that hard labor - it only takes less than an hour drive up the mountain - which took those men five (5) days of rough road climb with heavy load just to achieve a dream. Situated in the Diablo Range East of San Jose, the climb to the top made my feet sweat and my tummy growl in fear, the roads were narrow at 4200 feet! All just to see the 130-year-old telescope, I say it was very much worth the trip.

James Lick (dubbed the "Generous Miser") was a millionaire piano maker who decided to build the biggest telescope one day, spent his money, succeeded in planning but he died before it was completed. He is buried under the Lick Telescope in the dome.

This dome houses the historic Lick 36" Refractor which was constructed in the 1880s and saw first light in January 1888.

One of the smaller domes
See how big it is!

Vultures are the common birds flying around

The hallway. A gallery by photographer Laurie Hatch hang on the walls of the dome. They are amazing shots of the telescopes and of the observatory in winter and sunset.
Down below is Silicon Valley

Lick Telescope. It was kinda hard to capture the whole thing with such close proximity.

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