August 2, 2013

Outer Banks (North Carolina)

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It is quite interesting how a small town's history became linked to ducks - and they even got a part of it named after these aquatic divers - the Town of Duck, North Carolina. I honestly thought I'd be eating ducks when we came for vacation this summer 2013. Instead, wishes granted, a week of crabs! Just to be quick and precise, name it, Outer Banks got it. Let me enumerate what's to look forward to in OBX: the historical landmarks such as Whalehead and Currrituck Lighthouse, seafood and blue crabs, convenient rentals, surfing, wild horses tours (Spanish Mustangs), white sandy beaches, pools of various sizes, local shopping, hot tubs, kayaking, paddle boarding and even ghost hunting (which is a popular night activity that I even got a book about ghost stories). It is surprisingly laid back yet at the same time, it's packed with water activities if you are into water. Otherwise, enjoy the succulent fresh-from-the-sea crabs and of course, unlimited sun baking. Weather changes quite unpredictably though so don't be bummed out if (while at the resort) lifeguards whistle out loud. It means thunder/lighting warning, so be quick to jump out of the water and head back to your rentals. 

Whalehead in Historic Corolla. Guided tour inside the house for $10. All I remember was back in the days, they used this house for duck hunting. There were places where they used to store and hang dead ducks as many as 800!
Whalehead after the depression. It is now one of Corolla's pride

Currituck Beach Lighthouse. See website for more info.

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