May 15, 2013

Berkeley (California)

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My first Mother's Day was spent outside elbow-rubbing with the busy on-the-day shoppers, along the head-scratching jam-packed car parks and roads, along the quaint Santana Row shops, then finally along California's famous city of Berkeley. Our reservation at Skates on the Bay was at 7:30pm, we got enough time enough to sit and relax at the nearby park, hang out with the setting sun, recall my husband's stories of his days with yachts and catamarans, walk along the pier and literally "chill" with the pier fishermen and golden sun worshippers.

View of the Berkeley Pier at night
The Berkeley Pier extends out for more than 3,000 feet; as such, it is one of the longest piers in the bay, as well as the state. This reflects the shallow water around most of the pier. Bottom is primarily mud and there are few rocks with the exception of the shoreline area. The pier was originally built in 1926 so there are a considerable number of old pilings but mussel growth itself is fairly light. In the summertime there can be considerable growth of kelp along the shoreline.(
Skates on the Bay restaurant has an excellent view of they bay, great food with reasonable prices. Always make a reservation prior to visiting.
The Berkeley Marina is the westernmost portion of the city of Berkeley, California, located west of the Eastshore Freeway at the foot of University Avenue on San Francisco Bay.

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