January 3, 2012

WARSAW (Indiana)

Copyright May Rogers 2012.
All rights reserved.
Photos shot using Sony A390

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Flying to Warsaw, Indiana requires 5 hours of your time if you were coming from Northern California plus 3 hours drive if you happen to land at Chicago O' Hare. Nicknamed "Lake City" , this neat place is geographically situated among names like Pike Lake, Hidden Lake, Center Lake and Winona Lake, giving me a big chance to shoot a particular body of water in wintertime.

Our neighbor's house has a big back porch with white outdoor tables and chairs that made me wanna sit back and relax even in this cold winter day. They were the first things I see when I look out the window in search of winter ducks and the last before I finally surrendered to this harsh weather and gave my camera a rest and me a big cup of coffee.
A shot from the upper floor window through glass and screen. Luckily, they did not show in this photo. Using a telephoto lens, the screen appeared very visibly so I stepped further back to eliminate other unwanted elements. I was acting on a hunch and boy, it worked. Not as clear as I expected it to come out but this works just fine for me.
Winter Wonderland. I used to see photos like this from snack boxes when I was a just little girl. Yes, they do exists in reality! If you are observant enough, you could catch that perfect moment - that time between snow coming down strong and a short mild rest.

A know nothing about these ducks. All I know was they were there when the lake was not icy, they fled when it was snowy and I never get to find out where they disappeared to. They have black feathers with green metallic feathers on their heads and they have very keen senses.

 My favorite shot of the batch. My hubby whom I insist to call "rum tum tugger" this 2012.

Warsaw Courthouse,located in the Square Historic District, is one big, white, remarkable architecture in Indiana.

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