March 21, 2012

Half Moon Bay & Santa Cruz (California)

Copyright May Rogers 2012.
All rights reserved.
Photos shot using Sony A390

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A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you. - Brigitte Bardot 

The past few weeks marked the incoming change, rain showers bringing in a brand new season. Suddenly Silicon Valley is not that sunny anymore. And if you are a sun person, the blanketing gray clouds and the cold all-day rain surely will bring you down. I'm a sun person. I mean sunny. I am bright and sunny. But I also love walks in the rain.

Last weekend though, the sun appeared. And since after we've taken advantage of the warm spring days ahead by going to the beach. The drive from San Jose to San Mateo county took about 20 minutes. The narrow road that leads to the garden was busily explored by bikers. We got to discover Half Moon Bay and revisited Santa Cruz - the beautiful turquoise beaches, the surfable waves, the exhausted seals and soon-to-be summertime hangouts for us.

Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay (California) are both quintessential summer California destinations particularly for those who surf and snorkel. Located on the northern edge of Monterey Bay, 72 miles south of San Francisco, Santa Cruz has a lot to offer starting with picturesque sunsets, entertaining rides down the boardwalk and of course, the legendary drive down Highway 1. 


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    1. great Diane! do you have photo blog? I should check it out, thanks for visiting!