October 6, 2011

History San Jose (California)

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Situated on Senter Road, History San Jose is a little town of preserved developments and restored landmarks, homes and changes that took place in San Jose dating back 1800s. Fenced in wires and iron gates, this quaint community of centuries-old houses, hotels, schools, museums, bank, church and store will give visitors a glimpse of the 'old life'. Walk into one of the Victorian houses and see what 1800s furniture, workroom, kitchen, guest room and even a baby room look like while listening to warm true stories offered by a family member who once lived in the very house.

Ranked as number 8 must-see attraction in San Jose by Tripadvisor (out of 56), a visit to History Park costs about $11 for a century-worth of historical information.

Jim Gard is a very friendly volunteer at the old printing press house at History San Jose. See more of Jim and how the 10 x 15 Liberty Press works. See youtube video by KTEHTV.

V-J Day in Times Square replica


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